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Surala PH is an emerging brand in the Philippines and a pioneer in Iloilo when it comes to Math E-learning. We specialize in providing educational support to children who find Math hard and boring. We make learning Math fun and easy through our online E-learning website called, "SURALA NINJA!".

What's "SURALA NINJA!" ?

"SURALA NINJA!" is a game-like website, where kids learn Math through their animated Ninja teachers, practice and answer drills, see current time rankings and earn medals. We offer many learning units and drills that students can learn one step at a time, at their own pace and at their own levels.

SURALA NINJA! will help kids:

- Strengthen foundational calculation skills
- Develop discipline and independent learning
- Enhance logial thinking, English and computer skills

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Class Outline

- Grade 1 to 6
- 120 to 180 min /week
- 2 to 3 classes per week
- Using ZOOM for Home Learning

Benefits of customized learning

Kids can learn individually through personalized learning plans! Because facilitators can track their scores and progress using our online Teacher's Panel, we can provide appropriate learning support to each of our students with:

- Personal learning plan
- Practice books
- Take home box tests
- Progress Awards

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Surala is an online learning program, so the only thing you need is to connect to the internet and log in to Surala Ninja!


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Together, let us break old mindsets about Math and pave an exciting future for our children.
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surala PhilippinesFrequently Asked Questions

In the Surala E-learning website, your child will learn the four foundational calculation skills namely Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division through the aid of animated ninjas that act as students' online teachers. Our E-learning website is updated from time to time to include other Math skills such as Fractions, Geometry and etc.
Surala classes are mostly E-learning time because actual lessons are taught through the e-learning website. But other traditional and face-to-face methods are also done such as students answering practice sheets and learning mental calculation through visual aids used by the facilitator.
Your child will have a human facilitator who will guide him/her throughout the Surala class. But actual lessons will be taught by animated or cartoon Ninja teachers on our E-learning website. Surala has five animated Ninja teachers namely Hayate who teaches Addition, Hannah who teaches Subtraction, Senri who teaches Multiplication, Hinata who teaches Division and Oboro who teaches Mixed calculation.
The facilitator will conduct a Placement Test in order to assess the starting level of Math calculation skill your child needs to learn. Then, a customized learning plan will be created and modified from time to time depending on your child's progress.
Parents can suggest what they want their children to learn, but determining the child's lessons will still depend on the results of his/her Placement Test. In Surala, we don't just teach your child to learn a specific Math skill. Rather, we build his/her complete foundational calculation skills through continuous learning. And sometimes, that would mean that some children need to go back to the basics.
Your child will avail of 120 minutes learning time for 2-3 classes each week.
You may enroll your child at one of our Surala Partners near you or please contact us through our facebook page here.
Surala provides high quality Math E-learning services at an affordable rate. To know more of our fixed rates and packages and payment methods, please contact one of our Surala Partners near you or please contact us through our facebook page.
You can schedule your child for a free trial class in one of our Surala Partners near you or please contact us through our facebook page.
In Surala classes, students learn the value of punctuality so tardiness and absences are discouraged. However, for valid reasons such as sickness, emergencies or important academic concerns, learning times for missed classes will be carried over to the following weeks of the current month or the next month.

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